Xperien partners with Merchant West to offer IT life-cycle solutions

By Paul Rogers   11 September, 2018
Xperien partners with Merchant West to offer IT life-cycle solutions

Xperien has partnered Merchant West to provide continuous IT lifecycle solutions

Xperien has partnered with independent financial services company Merchant West to provide continuous IT life-cycle solutions, a fresh line of alternative funding to reduce the cost of IT assets. The partnership offers a full end-to-end IT Asset Life-cycle solution from acquisition to financing, management and disposal.

Merchant West will structure a finance deal that reduces total usage cost of any IT asset and now offers finance options that have no impact on existing funding from other financial institutions.

Monique Watson, Head of Technology Asses Finance at Merchant West, said that by partnering with Xperien, its customers can now benefit from the use of brand new IT equipment at a subsidised rate below prime.

“In addition to the new equipment finance option, they can now make use of Merchant West’s fresh funding lines to finance Xperien’s continuous IT life-cycle solutions,” she added.

“Given the rapid rate at which technology changes and depreciates in real terms, partnering with Xperien allows Merchant West to offer a holistic Asset Life-cycle Product to its clients, from inception right through to the end of the asset’s useful life where clients can further benefit from the end of life-cycle value added services, such as data destruction, reverse IT logistics and disposal.”

Xperien CEO Wale Arewa is excited about the prospects of the partnership.

“We now offer clients flexibility and peace of mind at the end of an asset life-cycle term through our continuous IT life-cycle solutions,” he said.

“They now have an option to return their assets and finance the new equipment via Merchant West.”

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