Riverbed Rise programme recognises SDN adoption, consumption pricing

By Arun Shankar   26 May, 2018
Riverbed Rise programme recognises SDN adoption, consumption pricing

Bridget Bisnette, Vice President, Global Channels and Commercial Sales at Riverbed.

Riverbed announced the launch of Riverbed Rise, a new channel partner programme that aligns with the changing IT landscape and how partners are evolving to solve their customers’ technology needs. With the new programme, Riverbed is moving away from a traditional, compliance-based programme with rewards tied to certifications and revenue that needed heavy up-front and ongoing investment by partners to maintain compliance and tier status, and shifting to a new performance-based programme that is designed to reward all types of partners, business models and various customer technology consumption preferences.

The changes to the Riverbed partner programme are aligned to Riverbed’s new sales strategy, works more closely with partners to acquire new customers, and drive account penetration with new technologies and flexible consumption models. To support this new sales strategy, Riverbed will work with partners to focus on Riverbed’s new and existing enterprise and public sector sales accounts.

To lead these changes, Riverbed recently welcomed Bridget Bisnette as Vice President, Global Channels and Commercial Sales. Bisnette is responsible for global channel strategy and synchronising Riverbed’s efforts through the channel, managing the partner programme, focusing on enablement to drive partner productivity and integrating them into the commercial sales motions.

“The transformation in the IT industry is being affected by changing customer expectations. Business models, sales processes and certification models, among many other things, are being impacted. This is going to be a very good thing for our industry because it shifts the focus to customer success and customer lifetime value. With the launch of Riverbed Rise and other key enhancements to our partner experience, Riverbed is poised to lead this change and deliver mutual success with partners,” said Bridget.

Bisnette and the Riverbed channel organisation has focused on delivering a new partner experience in 2018 with the launch of Riverbed Rise that includes the new programme, a new partner portal, more robust marketing tools with dedicated partner social channels, revamped programs and simplified discounting schedules.

Riverbed Rise is built on simplicity, flexibility and profitability for partners. It simplifies how partners achieve and continue to maintain their status. The programme uniquely adapts to multiple business models and partner needs. More importantly, it rewards achievement across key strategic activities and joint sales priorities. Partners began earning benefits effective January 2, and will remain at their current programme level until the end of July, with the full implementation of Riverbed Rise beginning in August.

Riverbed is delivering solutions to help companies transition from legacy hardware to a new software-defined and cloud-centric approach to networking, and improve end user experience, allowing enterprises’ digital transformation initiatives to reach their full potential. Riverbed’s integrated platform delivers the agility, visibility, and performance businesses need to be successful in a cloud and digital world. By leveraging Riverbed’s solutions, organisations can deliver apps, data, and services from any public, private, or hybrid cloud across any network to any end-point.

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