Seidor Brazil is the newest business partner of SonicWall

Seidor Brazil is the newest business partner of SonicWall

SonicWall, a provider of cybersecurity protection for remote, mobile and cloud-enabled workforces, has announced that Seidor, a global company offering solutions and services for the SAP ERP platform, is its new business partner.

The Seidor Group is headquartered in Barcelona, and is made up of eight fully integrated divisions. Its mission is to anticipate and solve the consulting and technology demands of organizations advancing on their Digital Transformation journeys.

From software development to professional training, through digital innovation projects and the management of the entire ERP environment, Seidor acts as a One-Stop-Shop in everything related to the strategic use of business applications. The Seidor Digital Innovation/Multicloud division, in particular, is at the forefront of cybersecurity projects for companies that focus on the SAP platform and other mission-critical applications for their business processes.

Seidor Brazil has 1,700 employees spread across 12 capitals – this team serves about 1,000 organizations, clients of various sizes, and from all verticals and geographies.

«Seidor’s entry into our channel ecosystem represents a great business opportunity,» said Thiago Sapia, Regional Director of SonicWall Brazil. «The strategic importance of SAP and other Seidor portfolio applications requires organizations to evolve in their cybersecurity maturity. The alliance with SonicWall helps SAP S/4Hana and SAP Business One user companies to add SonicWall intelligence to their environments. This can be done either through a traditional offer, via the implementation of SonicWall appliances at the client, or through a sale of Security-as-a-Service.»

Cross-selling between SAP and SonicWall

For Camilo Campolina, Director of the Seidor Digital Innovation/Multicloud Division, SonicWall’s entry into the company’s portfolio will provide numerous cross-selling opportunities between SAP and SonicWall.

«At the top of the pyramid, for example, the trend will be to offer SonicWall solutions to be implemented in the user company, for example, of SAP S/4Hana. This is a universe that often has its own cybersecurity team. At the base of the pyramid, SAP Business One users may prefer to hire Security-as-a-Service with the Seidor expert team – in this case, we would act as an MSSP. And, in the middle of the pyramid, we will have the opportunity to offer the solution tailored to the challenge of each organization, each culture.»

Seidor is a Gold Partner of SonicWall Brazil. Before becoming a business partner of SonicWall, Seidor was already a client of the company’s security solutions.

«Throughout this journey, we realized that the SonicWall platform served us very well, offering incredible stability that contributes to the sustainability of our business and our clients’ processes,» said Eugênio Barbaresco, Manager of the Seidor Digital Innovation/Multicloud Division.

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