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Fortinet’s new partner program addresses evolving security landscape

Fortinet’s new partner program addresses evolving security landscape

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A global leader has launched its new Fortinet Engage partner program which will help partners to accelerate their business growth and expansion. Fortinet’s program will allow partners to untap new opportunities and rising markets by giving access to customised support.

Fortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, recently introduced its new Fortinet Engage partner program. The program provides partners with specialisations focused on growing markets, including SD-WAN and cloud, customised support and engagement flexibility to accelerate their business growth and expansion.

John Maddison, EVP of Products and CMO at Fortinet, said: “With today’s digital innovations being a catalyst for organisations to evolve their networks and security strategies, we have transformed our partner program so partners can untap new opportunities and rising markets, including SD-WAN. Building on our investment in our partners, the new program offers specialisations, updated enablement initiatives and tailored support for unique business models to further partner success.”

Helping Partners keep up with digital innovations

Organisations are rapidly evolving and expanding their networks to keep up with the digital economy. By 2023, IDC predicts that the global economy will finally reach “digital supremacy” with more than half of all GDP worldwide driven by products and services from digitally transformed enterprises. As organisations transform their networks, security plays a critical role and also needs to evolve to keep up with new business demands.

Recognising this, Fortinet designed new enablement initiatives and specialisations, allowing partners to take advantage of digital innovations and this changing landscape. Fortinet’s Engage partner program provides greater flexibility on partner engagement, offers specialised support to partners’ business models and allows partners to specialise in emerging areas through tailored training and certifications.

Expanding partner opportunities through new partner program

Fortinet’s Engage partner program addresses the required technology and sales skills needed from new network ecosystems, such as next-gen branch offices and dynamic cloud environments comprised of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud. The new program is based on three main concepts, including:

• Specialisations: Partners are able to select an area of specialisation to receive additional support and benefits in their chosen areas. These include: Dynamic Cloud, Secure Access and Branch, Secure SD-WAN and Data Centre. Customised training and certifications are available for each of these specialisations to help partners upskill in emerging areas, further enabling partners to capitalise on growth opportunities.

• Business Model: Fortinet offers specialised support for partners that fit the following three business models: MSSP partners, Market Place partners and Traditional Integrator partners. By offering customised support for these unique business models, Fortinet is evolving its partner program to further embrace growing business areas such as the selling of managed services.

• Engagement: Partners have greater flexibility when determining the level of engagement they want to have with Fortinet. They’re able to select the type of expertise they want developed, the benefits and the revenue stream. This allows partners to select how they want to work with Fortinet to grow their business. As a result, there are four new levels of partnership outlined in the program ranging from Fortinet Advocate, Fortinet Select, Fortinet Advance and Fortinet Expert. More information about what these levels entail is available here.

What do partners say about the program?

Mark Oakton, CISO, Infosec Partners, said: “As a longtime Fortinet partner, Infosec Partners has been providing our customers with advanced security through the company’s Security Fabric platform approach. Just as the security landscape is everchanging, so are the business needs of our customers. Recognising this, Fortinet’s new partner program allows us to take full advantage of the growing opportunities that the expanding digital marketplace provides through extensive, tailored support and specialisations in areas like SD-WAN, Secure Access and Branch as well as bespoke decoy and deception controls”

Koshy Oommen, Director of Infrastructure and Security at Intertec Systems LLC, said: “Fortinet has the unique combination of product innovation and partner enablement initiatives. Fortinet’s new partner program builds on its existing initiatives, providing specializations focused on high growth areas to enable partners like us to further expand our business. We look forward to leveraging enhanced aspects of the program as we continue to invest in our partnership.”

Rodney Turner, President and CEO at Layer 3 Communications, said: “As the Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) market has grown and evolved Fortinet has maintained a steady presence, providing new and innovative solutions to Layer 3 Communications. This enables us to meet the security requirements of our customers. Seeing the new partner program add more incentives for different business models is a true testament of Fortinet’s commitment to helping MSSPs like us grow our managed security services, ultimately leading to maximising profitability.”

Dave McMorrow, Principal and Co-Founder at NuSpective Solutions, said: “As our customers migrate to the cloud, they depend on NuSpective Solutions to help design and deploy their cloud environment for optimal scale, performance and security. With security being a critical part of our customers’ cloud strategy, Fortinet has been an invaluable partner in helping us provide greater value to our customers in this endeavor. We are pleased with the Dynamic Cloud specialisation and the additional training available to us through the new partner program. This enables our team to expand our knowledge and expertise in this growing space.”

Aaron Bailey, Chief Information Security Officer at The Missing Link, said: “We’re excited about Fortinet’s new partner program. The Missing Link has heavily focused on leveraging Fortinet’s NSE Institute training and certification to become a leading provider, and the results speak for themselves. Fortinet has consistently been one of our fastest-growing vendors, year after year. The granularity and specificity of this program lets partners choose which areas and capabilities they wish to specialise in, including growing markets like SD-WAN. We look forward to continuing to invest in Fortinet to ensure The Missing Link can continue to provide the best level of service, innovation, and security to its clients.”

Brian Page, Chief Technology Officer at Xiologix, said: “Fortinet continues to provide MSSPs outstanding support as it evolves its new partner program’s enablement to further focus on modern business models like ours. Fortinet has been instrumental in our business success, and we look forward to building on our partnership as we continue to expand our managed services offerings and deliver ever-increasing value to our customers.”

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