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How do you plan to improve customer experience in the next 12 months?

How do you plan to improve customer experience in the next 12 months?

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How do you plan to improve customer experience in the next 12 months?

Michael Zellhorn, MD, Sequel Support explains how Sequel Support plans to improve its customer experience in the next year.

I founded Sequel Support in 2007 and in the ensuing years we have achieved Gold Microsoft Partner status. That achievement alone offers a guarantee of a global standard of customer service. But, of course, now as we tread uncertain business waters due to the pandemic, the important thing is not to rest on our laurels and to ensure that we continually strive to go the extra thousand miles, if necessary, to not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

We are comprised of a team of senior SQL server database administrators (DBAs) and developers where our services include database administration; system integration; report writing; development of business intelligence systems, plus the implementation and management of Big Data in Azure. Whether hosted on-premises or in the cloud, we always aim to deliver a quality managed service at a price that is more competitive than employing the equivalent skills in-house. So that’s our goal, and our mission is to provide specialist Information Technology skills using a remote support model. The latter part of this last sentence is important because our business model is built around remote support and the arrival of this brave new COVID world has possibly been less of a challenge for us than for many companies.

We have devised customer experience strategies that we are already implementing and will continue to do so throughout this year and next. We have put a number of measures in place not just to guarantee Business Continuity but to generally stay on top of our customer interactions and ensure we are meeting both their expectations and strategic business requirements.

These measures include scheduling regular virtual meetings with clients so we are not only meeting their deadlines but where we acquire firsthand feedback from them regarding their perceptions of interactions with our business plus guidance from them on where we can improve.

In this way, we gain insights into their current challenges and future plans. It also provides us with ‘road maps’ of their business goals and where our skills and services can add value to their endeavours. This also serves to build relationships on a personal and emotional level – a hugely important aspect of customer service and one which is not easy in the new normal of COVID where business is conducted virtually as opposed to one on one engagements.

We also make use of our cross-client experience within the managed service environment where we have various customers operating in similar industries. This provides us with greater understanding of their businesses which in turn facilitates better consulting services and meaningful assessments of their needs. The end result is the implementation of products, services and technology support that best fits their needs.

Our value proposition to clients is that we guarantee ‘A-grade’ proficiency levels ensuring that their database platforms continue to operate effortlessly and effectively. This in turn allows them to provide the same level of service across their products and services to their customer base.  

Finally, client satisfaction can only be assured by going above and beyond the scope of work and augmenting this with diverse solution creation abilities and flexibility in approach, so that implementations meet requirements.

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