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Channel Chief: Paul Monaghan at WALLIX

Channel Chief: Paul Monaghan at WALLIX

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Paul Monaghan, Channel Manager for UK, Ireland and Nordics at WALLIX

Paul Monaghan has 20 year of sales experience, 13 of which are within the channel. He is Channel Manager for UK, Ireland and Nordics at WALLIX. He explains how WALLIX helps channel partners flourish, and what he does to relax after work

Describe your current job role and the parts that are somewhat challenging?

I am the Channel Manager for the UK, Ireland and Nordics at WALLIX. I joined the company just over two years ago and I am responsible for leading and growing our channel partner base across all three territories.

I have over 20 years of sales experience, 13 of which are within the channel. During that time, I have worked on both the vendor and partner side, so I understand first-hand the challenges resellers face. At WALLIX, the channel is our sole route to market and understanding the needs and requirements of our partners is fundamental to my day-to-day role. I am also focused on ensuring partners have the local support and enablement they require to meet today’s diverse cybersecurity needs.

Working across three different territories can be challenging at times, and we have ambitious growth targets. However, we are always looking to expand our programme and work with new strategic partners across the region. As part of this, we work with resellers who might already offer a privileged access management platform as well as those that are new to this area.

Can you explain how your company works with channel partners?

We sell 100% through the channel and we offer multiple routes to market, making it as easy as possible for both Value Added Distributors and Resellers. Our partner programme is based on three tiers (Initial, Premier and Elite) but throughout each stage partners have access to training, demos and onsite support as well as other enablement packages. The channel is very much an extension of our business, so we strive to work in a close partnership with each and every one. We also offer Marketing Development Funding for activities and campaigns.

How do you ensure channel partners flourish in a highly competitive market?

It is critical that we support our partners and we do this through several enablement and incentive programmes. We also put ourselves forward at all levels of customer engagement, whether this is offering a demo or a proof of concept. By working in a close collaboration with our channel partners they know that they can pick up the phone anytime and we will offer support.

In addition, I also believe it is our technology that can help partners to offer a differentiated product in such a competitive market place. Customers are looking for simplicity when it comes to cybersecurity and our privileged access management platform prides itself on this.

What are the latest trends you see emerging across the channel?

It is difficult to predict the future and COVID-19 has certainly thrown a spanner into the works. Many organisations have had to digitally transform overnight and for some this has brought several challenges, particularly around the aspects of remote working, security and data access.

Channel partners have become critical in helping organisations to overcome these barriers, and it is also likely we will see a greater emphasis placed on the need to deliver consistency and a smooth transition period.

What is your management philosophy?

At WALLIX we pride ourselves on three key company values; audacity, commitment and team spirit. I would like to think I embody all of these.

I think it is important to trust, motivate and support your team. And when someone has done a great job it is important to recognise that. We can all be swept away with the busyness of a day, but you should always find time to stop and celebrate great work.

I am also a believer of regular communication and team work. I would never ask someone to do something that I wouldn’t do myself.

When you look back at your career what has been the most memorable achievement?

I have enjoyed lots of little milestone throughout my career, from winning a new client to creating long lasting relationships. I feel it doesn’t matter where you are in your career journey, recognition for good work is still such a boost to morale.

However, if I had to pick one Cheshire cat moment it would be when I first joined BT. I worked so hard at my first deal it was large enough to get a personal thank you from my managing director.

What made you think of a career in technology?

When I was a kid I actually wanted to be a firefighter. In truth, like most people, I actually fell into the sales industry through my social and business connections. However, I have never looked back and I love working in the technology sector.

What do you think will be the hot technology talking point of 2020?

Well cybersecurity is certainly going to remain very prevalent. It is one of the biggest talking points and every year the industry continues to grow.

The pandemic has also forced many organisations to implement cloud and remote working strategies for the first time. It is likely as a result we will also start to see trust and compliance emerging as hot topics.

What are your personal interests and where do you like to spend most of your time after work?

Most recently I have become more focused on personal health and I love the gym. I do try to work out every day at 7am to kickstart my morning. I also have four amazing children, so as you can imagine I am not actually left with a lot of spare time for anything else.

Before lockdown, my typical weekend would usually mean me spending as much quality time with my kids and the wider family. I am very lucky to have such a supportive family unit. Those two days are very precious to me. I am also a huge Marvel fan now as during lockdown the young ones wanted to watch them all again. You can’t beat a good movie night with the family!!

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