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Improving your partner programme for a better channel strategy

Improving your partner programme for a better channel strategy

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Christopher Green, Vice President Middle East, Africa and Turkey at Malwarebytes, offers insight on how business leaders can improve their partner programmes to reap the most benefit from their channel strategy.

A strong partner programme that engages, enlightens and gives your channel the ability to sell your product can be vital to companies’ successful growth goals. Whether your channel strategy is to be narrowly focused or broad and wide, the main objective is still to ensure that your partners understand your technologies. Other objectives include what business issues they solve, how to position them accordingly and to have the required technical capabilities that gives them the ability to be your company’s trusted extended arm in the field.

To have a successful channel programme you need to provide your channel with excellent resources, communicate with them often and offer them additional rewards to ensure their investment in your programme is worth its weight in gold.

As channel leaders, we are competing for partner mindshare. I believe improving your partner programme in the following ways will help companies win their focus of their channel.

Investing more in Sales Enablement tools and collateral. Many sales people in your channel will not receive much formal sales training, so by providing this in the form of easily digestible and accessible content means improving the skill of set of your trusted advisers in the market. Online Sales training programs, sales playbooks, apps, podcasts that have content to help with each part of sales cycle from prospecting through to closing with objection handling, will improve your channel’s ability to win more business.

By improving the sales skills of your channel means you move towards the holy grail of a scalable, repeatable and predictable channel revenue stream.

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