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Jordanian university deploys powerful Wi-Fi solution

Jordanian university deploys powerful Wi-Fi solution

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A top university in Jordan has allowed staff and students to be untethered from their desks by adopting a powerful Wi-Fi solution from Aruba.

Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT), the sole private and non-profit university in Jordan, has deployed a powerful 802.11ac Wi-Fi solution, based on technology from Aruba.

This has provided high-speed wireless internet access for smart learning and collaboration across its campus.

The new infrastructure, which was implemented through Aruba’s leading gold partner NeoGenesis Technical Solutions, delivers 100% coverage across the institution’s indoor and outdoor areas with a 3x increase in wireless bandwidth.

These enhancements will enable over 4,000 students, faculty members of the five schools, 250 contractors, and over 400 parents and visitors to enjoy secure and seamless internet connectivity.

PSUT’s main mission is to educate students and qualify them to pursue careers in the fields of information and communications technology (ICT), electronics, computer engineering, communication engineering, and business.

“Given the nature of our courses, it is no surprise that our students are extremely tech-savvy and on average, each carries three devices. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are now commonplace at our institution. The enhancement of our Wi-Fi facilities empowers these digital natives to leverage their smart devices as a part of their learning experience,” said Dr Adiy Tweissi at PSUT.

“Simultaneously, improving wireless connectivity and performance enables our staff to become untethered from their desks, leading to greater availability to students and the ability to collaborate more easily with other faculty members.”

Upgrading its Wi-Fi infrastructure to the highest performance and security standards has meant implementing a total of 161 indoor and outdoor Aruba Access Points (APs) across 50 classrooms, 25 laboratories, three dormitories, three auditoriums and three sports facilities.

As these APs conform to the latest 802.11ac wireless standard, they are capable of delivering gigabit connectivity even in a high-density environment, thereby ensuring students and staff have a consistent high-quality Wi-Fi experience.

“PSUT has the vision to build a smart campus solution, where they have implemented Aruba 11ac wireless LAN as an edge for the users and a reliable platform for future smart campus applications such as the e-learning platform. PSUT’s smart campus will improve the experience of students using the university’s network for R&D and provide premium digital engagement for all the students,” says Shadi Alkhatib, HPE Aruba country manager for the Levant region.

“Wi-Fi is as important to a university today as ink or chalk was 100 years ago,” said Motaz Al Rababa’h, co-founder and sales manager at NeoGenesis. “With Aruba, we provided PSUT with a robust and reliable solution that could evolve to meet new curriculum developments, satisfy student life expectations and enable everyone to connect with multiple devices.”

Omar Al Omari, co-founder and operations manager at Neogenesis, said: “Digital learning boosts the students’ achievements and is vital to the modernisation of university curriculums and the long-term success of educators. The next-generation wireless classroom lets everyone thrive when they use Wi-Fi-enabled devices and apps that create a richer learning experience.”

With a secure and high-performance Wi-Fi infrastructure now in place, the university is looking to introduce new services that increase convenience and enhance the learning experience of students. This includes establishing smart campus with smart classroom technologies and mobile apps for e-Learning.

“We have always prided ourselves on being a university that offers a well-rounded education that is of the highest-quality. For our students to succeed in today’s digitally-driven world, we believe we must equip them with the best technological skills,” said Dr Adiy Tweissi.

“Aruba’s robust Wi-Fi solution forms the reliable platform upon which we can build and introduce innovative new services to our students and staff,” he concluded.

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