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Growth and inclusivity drive Avaya’s channel strategy for 2019

Growth and inclusivity drive Avaya’s channel strategy for 2019

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Avaya Holdings has announced new measures aimed at enabling channel partner growth.

The new measures, which come as an update to the Avaya Edge partner programme, will provide a path for channel partners to move from one value proposition to more advanced ones. The updates to Avaya Edge also place an emphasis on partner inclusivity, aiming to enable growth regardless of the size or business model of the channel partner. This means that Avaya Edge is now the only channel programme in the world to provide equal growth opportunities to partners of any size.

“Our own growth is inexorably linked to the growth of our partners,” said Fadi Moubarak, Vice President – Channels, Avaya International.

“Our growth strategies need to align with those of our partners if we’re to succeed in our goals. Avaya wants its channel partners to continue growing. As a result, in 2019, we’ll be focusing our efforts on three key areas to enable that. There will be a bigger emphasis on cloud; we will enable the delivery of complete solutions that build on our market-leading, API-driven ecosystem; and we will deliver new technologies and innovations that offer answers to genuine business challenges.”

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