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Alef launches new hypermedia and immersive K-12 education solution

Alef launches new hypermedia and immersive K-12 education solution


Alef, a privately held education technology company, launched its technology-enabled education solution at a school in Abu Dhabi. More than 240 students began an education journey that has been 36 months in the making. Alef is essentially an innovative and immersive multi-lingual learning-science framework with in-house hypermedia content powered by cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence.

Its design adopts natural language processing, advanced data science, and technology-enhanced content to deliver a system that engages students and encourages self-learning, with the aim of equipping them with the skills necessary to successfully navigate the world of the future.

Alef fundamentally evolves the role of the teacher in the 21st century classroom, shifting the education process from the familiar teacher-centered model to a learner-centered data-driven model. With Alef, the teacher takes on the role of an expert facilitator, aided by an innovative and immersive ecosystem powered by groundbreaking technology and artificial intelligence.

Alef’s technology carefully synchronizes with a school’s curriculum enabling students to learn at their own pace and have access anywhere, anytime; and develop secure in the knowledge that they are supported by a community of teachers, who can make individualized decisions to ensure that each student meets their short and long-term goals.

Alef’s educational design uses concepts like thematic interdisciplinary learning – where children learn to make connections between different fields and subjects; experiential learning – which encourages learning through experience and experiment; customized remediation strategies – which respond to the individual abilities and knowledge level of each student; and metacognition – where a student is encouraged to understand their own thought process. This design is then powered by natural language processing, advanced data science and technology enhanced content to deliver a system that engages students and encourages self-learning.

“Alef’s launch is the start of a journey to bring about an overhaul of the status quo to usher in a new paradigm in education. Given the rate at which technology and industry continue to evolve, it is unclear what future workplaces will look like, let alone understand the skills required of their workforces,” said Dr Saleh Al Hashemi, Alef’s CEO.

“And as every sector of society undergoes some form of 21st century revolution, the education sector cannot, and should not, get left behind. The education sector feeds every part of industry and culture, and in a world where the image of the future changes so rapidly, education must be at the heart of our global technological journey.”

Dr Saleh Al Hashemi, CEO Alef.
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