UAE based NXN to offer Vidsys safety and security as managed service

By Arun Shankar   25 April, 2017
UAE based NXN to offer Vidsys safety and security as managed service

James Chong, CEO and Founder of Vidsys.

Vidsys, a global software technology manufacturer of physical security information management or PSIM and converged security and information management or CSIM software, announced that NXN Group, a leading smart city advisory and managed services provider based in the UAE, will be offering Smart Safety and Security as a service leveraging Vidsys’ CSIM multi-tenant cloud-based solution.

NXN Group specialises in extending smart city technology solutions as a service to governments, real estate and enterprise customers across the region and has been actively involved in flagship projects such as Smart Dubai and Smart Riyadh, contributing its regional consulting expertise and in-country Smart City managed services.

Through the new solution offering, NXN Group customers will have access to Smart Safety and Security as a managed service with customisation based on individual business needs.

The platform is part of a broader Smart City initiative across NXN Group’s Middle East network. The Middle East and North Africa digital transformation market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 15.1% from 2014 to 2020. Countries, including the UAE, are increasingly introducing e-Government and smart city initiatives, with the objective to transform themselves into digitally-enabled countries.

“We are excited to work with NXN Group, an established leader in the region’s Smart Cities market,” said James Chong, CEO and Founder of Vidsys. “Through this managed services offering, we expect to see significant growth and accelerated adoption of smart city initiatives in the region including safety, security, and infrastructure management capabilities.”

“Vidsys is a proven global leader in PSIM and CSIM software technology here in the Middle East, and around the world,” said Ghazi Atallah, CEO of NXN Group. “We are proud to join forces with Vidsys in offering the first Smart Safety and Security managed services offering for smart cities in the region.”

This programme will roll out across NXN Group’s product offerings starting in April 2017.

Vidsys is hardware, protocol, and device agnostic, and offers bi-directional, browser-based platform with industry-specific features and functions that allows sensors, devices, systems, subsystems, and services to be interconnected via open architecture. The platform collects, correlates and converts vast amounts of data into meaningful and actionable information, based on the organisation’s risk policy, standards and compliance requirements. By leveraging mobile and web-based technology, the software can be rapidly deployed and provides real-time situational awareness and information management capabilities.

NXN Group is a thought leader in the domains of smart cities and next generation technology innovation. NXN Group leverages on its combination of regional insight and global outlook and experience to consult, build and manage digital transformation services. Further enabled though its partnership with Zain group, NXN Group is a trusted advisor and managed service provider to some of the forward-thinking governments and enterprises worldwide.

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