STME acquires ISS, MEST and JAWA in Saudi Arabia

by Agency News   31 August, 2016
STME acquires ISS, MEST and JAWA in Saudi Arabia

Ayman Al Bayaa, CEO of STME.

STME acquired three companies in Saudi Arabia which will operate under the STME umbrella to broaden the company’s portfolio of services, solutions, and products. The three companies acquired are Integrated Security Solutions operating in the physical security domain, cyber security firm MEST and infrastructure solutions provider JAWA.

“By acquiring ISS, MEST and JAWA, we have expanded our portfolio of services and products, and profile by adding on over 50 specialists. We are delighted of the outcome of our negotiations and look forward to serving our clients, both existing and new, with our expanded range and expertise,” said Ayman Al Bayaa, CEO of STME.

The acquisitions in Saudi Arabia will assist STME in achieving its corporate mission of being a full system integrator with SSS focus security, storage and systems integration.

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