Logicom launches partner website

By Pippa Sanderson   16 May, 2017
Logicom launches partner website

Logicom, a regional distributor of technology solutions and services, has launched the Logicom e-commerce website, www.logicompartners.com, for partners in the UAE.

The site, with its user-friendly and functional interface, has been rolled out successfully and is now live and ready to use for partners in the UAE, Romania, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Cyprus and Greece. This launch is a part of Logicom’s continuous efforts to improve and develop the services it offers to its partners as a Value Added Distributor.

The Logicom e-commerce site includes a gamut of features and functionalities that will enhance partners’ online experience. These include:

  • A search option for users to find products based on certain specifications
  • Additional information on similar and related products
  • The option for users to create their own Favorites List
  • Access to order status and shipping information, including for orders not made via E-commerce
  • The option for users to download their customer statements and payment information
  • The ability to repeat previous orders
  • The option to download product serial numbers

“We are pleased to have launched our e-commerce site in such a wide range of regions and to provide a channel that enables our partners to place their orders quickly and easily, as well as enjoy additional valuable features. We will continue to enhance the functionality of our site throughout the year. This allows Logicom to continue its commitment to finding ways to go the extra mile to provide our new and existing partners with exceptional service and full support,” said Michael Papaeracleous, Logicom’s Executive Director of Distribution.

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