Leap of faith brought her to technology

By Arun Shankar   17 Nov, 2017
Leap of faith brought her to technology

Lauren Wain is General Manager and Vendor Relations for Credence Security Africa.

Lauren Wain joined value added distributor and security specialist, Credence Security in 2013 in the business development team. Credence Security is the region’s specialty distribution company in cyber security, forensics, governance, risk and compliance. With its headquarters in Dubai, UAE, it is a pure-play provider of security solutions, for both public and private sector enterprises across Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, through a select network of specialist resellers.

Today, the most satisfying part of Lauren’s job is working with her team. “Over the past few years, we have certainly managed to get the recipe right in bringing on the most dynamic people into the Credence family. I can honestly say that I believe our success as a business is down to the strength and determination of each individual at our core,” she explains.

Reflecting, Lauren says there are many highlights within her career that spring to her mind, but first and foremost is that of being part of the original team and seeing the growth and achievement of Credence Security over the past few years. Credence Security has grown from a company of 10 employees in one region, representing one vendor, to 35 employees in six regions, representing over 30 leading global players.

Lauren took a leap of faith from a well-known media firm into the world of technology on the recommendation of a close friend. What really sealed the deal for her, was that she was going to be taking on the challenge of introducing a very niche vendor into the South African market.

It was in October 2013 that her passion for security specialist vendor NetClean was ignited. NetClean is a solution provider in combatting online child sexual abuse and it was Lauren’s job to open the eyes of the African market. She was expected to encourage South African businesses in their journey on how to effectively protect children and make a positive societal impact with the use of technology.

To date, these products have been used by millions worldwide, including organisations and law enforcement agencies in dozens of countries.

“We are firm believers in the theory of work hard and play hard”

“I do believe in leading by example and no task should be seen as too small or large for anyone in the business”

Lauren has had many an opportunity to contribute to the important conversations around preventing this scourge at events that offered corporate South Africa insight into the role businesses can play in making the Internet a safer place for children.

With regard to her management style, Lauren puts in a lot of effort into bringing on people that fit the culture of the group. “We are firm believers in the theory of work hard and play hard. I do believe in leading by example and no task should be seen as too small or large for anyone in the business regardless of the position you hold. My management philosophy is to empower and enable those around you.”

What are the hot technology points coming up? “There is always something new on the horizon, especially in the cybersecurity technology realm, and I cannot help but wait and wonder what technological marvels are coming next. I think we will be hearing a lot around things like automation, machine learning and particularly the combination of the two. We all want things done faster, better and more efficiently. What a time to be alive!”

How does Lauren destress after work hours? She admits she is still trying to master this, but running, art, adopting new animals, wine sampling, help her keep stress monsters at bay. Other than managing a business, Lauren points out she also manages a home to a husband, two sons, three dogs, two hamsters, and other gentle occupants.

With regard to gender equality at the work place, Lauren points out that women all over the world are proving daily they have the ability to run businesses successfully, especially in traditionally male dominated sectors like technology. “I have been fortunate to be part of a supportive, inclusive and progressive organisation that shows no gender bias. Our core distribution business is managed by women, including myself, and that in itself speaks volumes.”

“Women in Technology have an amazing saying that goes, when one woman helps another woman, amazing things can happen,” points out Lauren. Her advice for fellow aspiring women executives is to cultivate their passion, empower and enable themselves. “Be ambitious and aggressive in achieving your goals!

Inspired by its corporate objective in 2013 and the task of launching NetClean’s services, Lauren Wain has just kept moving up the corporate rungs since then.

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