FVC helps customers on their Digital Transformation journeys

By Jess Phillips   5 November, 2018
FVC helps customers on their Digital Transformation journeys

K.S. Parag, Managing Director at FVC

We caught up with K.S Parag, Managing Director at FVC, a leading value-added-distributor (VAD) in the Middle East and Africa, who discussed how the company is helping its customers on their Digital Transformation journeys.

Could you give us an overview of the business?

We are a company which is focused on Digital Transformation. So what we do best is, we try and work with partners and customers and look at it in terms of how we can work on a positive Digital Transformation for the business by bringing in smart meeting rooms and cybersecurity and by bringing infrastructure and a unified collaboration experience. So this completely addresses the business in terms of their day-to-day challenges of reducing cost and increasing efficiencies.

One of your key aims is to strengthen your reach in key verticals – hospitality, healthcare and education among others – how do you plan to achieve this?

Yes, these are three areas we are definitely focusing on. With the hospitality sector, we see a good demand in that area, especially across the region.

When you look at hospitality, we’re trying our best to give a very seamless experience in the sector, where a guest just walks in and gets the complete user experience right from check-in and then also then in their room. Not only that but we also try and work towards giving a complete MDM solution. We try and work towards whatever solution to ensure that both the hotel and guest have the best user experience.

On the healthcare side, we have some very specific solutions which invest not only towards helping a doctor or specialist in terms of monitoring and having better monitoring of patients but also having a better emergency response and making sure that we have daily patient health care. This is when the patient is out of the hospital and we have a way to actually communicate on a daily basis to see their ongoing progress.

Last, but not least, is the education part. With education, what was yesterday is completely different to today. And today’s education requires a completely new way of teaching. You need dynamic tech. You need to use the web, you need to bring collaboration and a completely different workforce. And FVC is now partnered with a lot of leading collaboration vendors and we make sure we bring the best collaboration experience to the student and the teacher.

How would you summarise the main benefits for the end user of working with you?

There are three main benefits, I would say. We work towards making sure that the technology is the most ease of use in terms of adoption. We’re not bringing a white elephant into a corporate enterprise.

Second, we make sure that whatever the technology, we have a clear outcome for it. So the outcome is directly beneficial in terms of reducing cost within the enterprise and also ensuring productivity is increased.

And lastly, importantly, we make sure that everything is secure from a cyberattack or from an internal perspective. We work through all that risk mitigation to make sure everything is secure.

How has the increase in BYOD and mobile working impacted the kinds of solutions and technologies you are offering customers?

BYOD is already out there and it’s very important to understand that you cannot dictate anymore what kind of device an employee or student or anyone could actually bring into the network.

So from our perspective we make sure that we authenticate the device, ensuring the security of that device. We make sure the enterprise is secure for any new device coming in. And we work towards all the risk mitigation related to it. So we have solutions around that and we work with companies like BeyondTrust, Radware – a new company which we are very proud to announce we are working with, which works on a lot of DDoS mitigation – and companies like IBM in Morocco only. We bring all these companies together to remove all the anomalies and make sure we provide a seamless BYOD experience as well as a seamless experience of ensuring the secure network.

How are you approaching multi-cloud?

What is very important, both from an FVC perspective and from our partner perspective, is that the customer faces a big security threat when they move all their data to the cloud. So, two things – one is not only making sure a seamless experience with the least shut down time when you actually migrate data and applications to the cloud but we give 100% in terms of making sure all data is protected and secure.

What does the next year look like for FVC?

Today we are seeing that the customer is looking at a lot of areas. First, he is looking at IoT. Second is continuing with Digital Transformation – working with customers not only from a transformation perspective but also helping them make that journey to the cloud – and third, which is critical for businesses, is to ensure the network is completely secure. For IoT, we have partnered with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, who have a strong IoT strategy, and work with government entities, and transportation and healthcare, and are helping customers transform into an IoT platform.

From that security perspective, we are pretty excited to be talking to companies like Radware, BeyondTrust and IBM in Morocco only. All these guys are in Gartner’s leading quadrant and we have combined them to offer a one-stop solution point for customers.

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