Fujitsu World Tour 2017 in Dubai: Digital Co-creation brings digital transformation to life

By Pippa Sanderson   14 September, 2017
Fujitsu World Tour 2017 in Dubai: Digital Co-creation brings digital transformation to life

The Fujitsu World Tour is on the road again for the 10th consecutive year, this year in Dubai on 27 September at Waldorf-Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah highlighting how Fujitsu is partnering with customers to co-create the digital future. In 2017, the biggest ever Fujitsu World Tour is extended into Asia for the first time and has already visited 14 of 22 countries with 25 events spread out across six continents. The theme is Digital Co-creation, focusing on how Fujitsu works in tandem with customers to connect the digital dots and support business growth. Fujitsu expects to welcome more than 500 attendees in the UAE and more than 14,000 attendees in total across the world.

This year’s World Tour focuses on immersing customers in the exciting opportunities presented by teaming up with Fujitsu to co-create future technology solutions. As well as gaining inspiration from keynotes by Fujitsu executives, customers and partners, Fujitsu World Tour attendees can become co-creationists by interacting with demonstration technologies offering creative approaches for different business scenarios, including end-to-end solutions for vertical sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, transport, retail and banking.

Farid Al-Sabbagh, VP and Managing Director at Fujitsu Middle East said: “Digital disruption is driving sweeping changes across business landscapes in every market segment, leading to new challenges that all organisations must address. As a consequence, enterprises and government departments alike are recognising that underlying IT infrastructure and processes must become highly adaptable, mobile, secure and scalable.

“Fujitsu addresses these digitalisation challenges head-on, with the Fujitsu World Tour demonstrating innovative, holistic solutions that encompass and enhance existing technologies and investments, grouped into themes such as Workplace Anywhere, Hyperconnected Business and Infrastructure for the Digital World, and addressing industry megatrends like cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.”

Dr Joseph Reger, Fujitsu Fellow and Chief Technology Officer at Fujitsu in EMEIA, commented: “In the context of today’s constant and unrelenting digital disruption, organisations must learn and act quickly. The increasing complexity of our digital world makes it harder for any single organisation to do it alone, which is why we’re highlighting the many advantages of taking a co-creation approach. This means teaming up with a technology expert like Fujitsu and working together with us to design, implement and operate digital business solutions.

“On all stops during the 2017 Fujitsu World Tour, we are giving visitors a taste of how it’s possible to bring inspirational digital transformation projects to life. We are connecting the dots of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and cybersecurity, to deliver compelling digital business outcomes.”

At this year’s Fujitsu World Tour 2017 in Dubai, Fujitsu and partners will share insights into how customers can reshape the role of ICT within their business and societies. The event includes five elements:

  • High-level keynotes from Fujitsu executives, customers, partners, futurists and industry experts including that of Ravi Krisnamoorthi’s on the topic of Driving Digital Transformation – Co-creation
  • Breakout sessions with industry experts discussing trends and drivers for change
  •  1:1 Technology consultation sessions with Fujitsu’s senior global technology experts that drill into individual business topics and challenges, main topics being Big Data & Analytics, Applications (Oracle and SAP), Datacentre Infrastructure and IT Security
  • Partner Track hosting collaborative sessions that enable mutual growth together with the partners followed by a Partner Award Gala Dinner

The exhibition area where Fujitsu and its partners present their latest products, solutions and services will demonstrate how organisations can truly innovate across the entire enterprise. Among the highlights:

Enabling Digital
A modernised digital ecosystem can deliver true business value. Fujitsu delivers an end-to-end digital modernisation approach, integrating the back office with front office customer experience. This enables organisations to achieve end-to-end digital transformation of their business processes with confidence, faster and with less risk. On the World Tour, Fujitsu will demonstrate how it can balance the demands of robust IT and fast digital IT, through MetaArc – a comprehensive portfolio comprising solutions, services and cutting edge technologies from Fujitsu and its partner ecosystem.

Digital Co-Creation
Attendees have the opportunity to become a #cocreationist. A Co-creation station will inspire delegates to think about how digital transformation will impact their future. Co-creation means bringing together unconnected areas of expertise to find the insights and ideas to drive digital transformation forward, taking an open attitude to what the best outcomes can be. Attendees have the opportunity to build a workplace of the future and generate ideas about digital transformation through collaboration.

Mobiliing the Enterprise
Fujitsu’s Digital Workplace brings together next generation workplace services, client computing devices, Service Desk and technical support services. A day-in-the-life scenario demonstrates how Fujitsu supports organisations on the journey to a digital workplace.

Infrastructure for the Digital World
Digital transformation will significantly increase the amount of data which must be transferred, processed and stored. Enterprise IT must become highly adaptable and scalable in an unprecedented way. Fujitsu provides the right choice of new technologies and approaches, such as software-defined, converged and hyper-converged IT. Solutions are based on a comprehensive portfolio of server, storage, integrated systems, as well as technologies sourced from market-leading partners. Fujitsu is a world leader in digital enablement and a pioneer in the development of innovative datacentre solutions.

Corporations are increasingly hitting the headlines for being the subject of a security attack or data breach. How can they prepare for and respond to any security issues and implement robust security controls to comply with regulations and to protect data? The Fujitsu World Tour will address a wide range of IT security challenges through a programme of live demonstrations. In addition, leading security partners will be on hand.

Hyperconnected Business
A hyperconnected business brings together people, information and things to fundamentally change the way an organisation operates, to act faster and change for the better. The exhibit is focused on a lone field worker whose job is very complex but not traditionally well supported by technology. In the future, a wide range of IoT solutions will make the field worker safer, more productive and easily able to overcome the challenges of the day.

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