Dimension Data and NTT Communications to explore how to increase cloud collaboration

by Pippa Sanderson   3 April, 2017
Dimension Data and NTT Communications to explore how to increase cloud collaboration

NTT Holdings has reiterated its intent to enhance the group’s cloud position in the market by exploring how to maximise the full potential of its cloud investments across the globe.

The NTT Group’s ultimate goal is to enhance client relevance through investing in R&D and innovation in order to fast-track bringing new – secure and compliant – enterprise grade cloud services to market. “Strategically, we want to ensure that moving forward, NTT’s cloud platform is, at its core, designed to provide cloud solutions that constantly match clients’ evolving requirements,” stated Tsunehisa Okuno, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Business at NTT Holdings.

Dimension Data and NTT Communications have commenced investigating the approach of delivering a unified cloud experience to clients. By driving deeper collaboration within NTT, the aim is to create a cloud powerhouse of skills and capabilities. “We believe closer collaboration will maximise value to clients and will accelerate growing our cloud expertise by creating exciting career opportunities for existing cloud experts and new talent,” said Jason Goodall, Group CEO at Dimension Data.

The immediate focus is to evaluate how to bring Dimension Data’s and NTT Communications’ cloud IaaS platforms closer, investigate feasible integration and leverage points in order to create more scale through capitalising on strengths and optimising existing assets. “Our goal is to offer enterprise clients across the globe an enhanced IT value proposition. Closer alignment of our platforms will enable us to leverage our overall cloud capability to unlock significant opportunities,” commented Masaaki Moribayashi, Senior Vice President, Head of Cloud Services at NTT Communications.

Both companies emphasised that there will be no impact on clients during this process and that the objective is to provide enhanced value to clients.

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