CommScope forms multi-tenant datacentre alliance; Equinix first to join

by Pippa Sanderson   13 June, 2017
CommScope forms multi-tenant datacentre alliance; Equinix first to join

The world’s increasing consumption of data, combined with the trend of businesses and service providers outsourcing their datacentre facilities rather than owning and managing them, has resulted in significant growth in multi-tenant datacentres (MTDCs).

In fact, one analyst firm has predicted that total operational square footage of global MTDCs could reach approximately 177 million by the end of 2018.

To address this shift in the datacentre market, CommScope has formed the multi-tenant datacentre (MTDC) alliance as part of the PartnerPRO Network. MTDC Alliance members will be able to offer optimal network infrastructure solutions for customers who need to deploy this technology in multi-tenant environments.

“Over the years, a shift has taken place in which companies increasingly outsource IT needs to shared environments in which datacentres are viewed as an operating expense,” said Stephen Kowal, Senior Vice President, Global Partners, CommScope. “By leasing third-party datacentre white space, enterprises can remain focused on their core businesses while enjoying optimal datacentre availability, reliability and cost control.”

Demand will continue for MTDCs from hyperscale datacentre operators, service providers, cloud providers and enterprises; however, with the increased competition, it is becoming harder to differentiate on build quality alone. This is why CommScope formed the MTDC Alliance, assuring customers who work with its certified partners in the PartnerPRO Network that quality enterprise solutions, like its SYSTIMAX, NETCONNECT and Uniprise solutions are being deployed in MTDCs.

“With our global network of 179 datacentres across 44 markets, Equinix is thrilled to be part of the CommScope MTDC Alliance to offer enterprise customers the optimal datacentre deployment that best fits their needs,” said Greg Adgate, Vice President of Global Technology Partners and Alliances at Equinix. “Our facilities offer the broadest geographic reach, the largest choice in cloud and network providers, and the most efficient interconnection options for companies looking to lease datacentre space. We look forward to working with CommScope and its customers as part of this initiative.”

MTDC infrastructure makes advanced technologies, such as cloud computing and virtualised datcentres, available to companies of all shapes and sizes; from small and mid-sized business to large enterprises, while also allowing flexible and easy expandability as the business grows. By outsourcing datacentre services instead of building, hosting, maintaining and upgrading them, MTDC tenants can realise significant operating and capital expenditure saving.

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