ATEÏS Middle East adopts Microsoft Office 365

by Pippa Sanderson   23 March, 2017
ATEÏS Middle East adopts Microsoft Office 365

ATEÏS Middle East, the region’s first fire alarm manufacturer, has completed its digital transformation project to deploy Microsoft Office 365, addressing issues of data-sharing, security, email management and back-up. Its decade-long expansion and workforce growth compelled its management team to consider digital transformation as a means to ensure continued productivity and competitiveness.

“We were the first fire-alarm manufacturer in the region and the first research and development centre,” said Hussam Al Haddad, Managing Director, AETIS Middle East. “We have grown multi-fold in the past decade, from two employees to around 80 employees, in four offices spread across the region. So we really needed a solution that would allow all our team members to communicate, and that would bring them together into a single innovation platform that is agile and secure”.

The central aim of ATEÏS’ digital transformation programme was to introduce tools that would enhance inter-office team communication and collaboration. Also vital was the provision of secure access to data as needed. The company sought a single solution that would be flexible and scalable, and that would empower its workforce to achieve more.

“ATEÏS is a great example of how organisations of all types and scales can build better efficiencies through digital transformation,” said Haider Salloum, SMB Director, Microsoft Gulf. “Such transformations start with a decision to embrace the power of cloud, and end with undreamt-of productivity improvements. And then another story begins, where cloud adopters enjoy a new-found flexibility in growth. If your business grows, your cloud grows with it.”

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